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eviXscan Industrial 3D Scanning

Application: Industrial Applications

Professional 3D scanning services for the needs of different industries. The 3D scanning process is conduct on professional 3D scanners.

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  • 3D scanning of objects of any size, complexity and material (even shiny materials and combination of different materials)
  • 3D archiving
  • competitive analysis
  • preparation for rapid prototyping

We specialize in measuring details made of materials impossible to measure by conventional method


3D scanning3D scanning

The turbine of turbo compressor has been scanned by our engineers. On the basis of the data obtained in the 3D scanning an STL model was created. Then, on the basis of the STL model in the reverse engineering process a parametric CAD model was established. In the effect of our service purchaser has the ability to produce substitutes in any technology.

• complicated shape
• freeform surfaces
• detail difficult to measure by conventional methods