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PACE TECHNOLOGIES for Material Science Application

Application: Material Science

Metallography, Metallurgical Testing, Microstructural Analysis

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Metallography or metallographic analysis is the study of a materials microstructure and can be considered an integral branch for metallurgical testing or for the field of materials science. Microstructural analysis of a material's metallographic microstructure aids in determining if the material has been processed correctly and is therefore a critical step for determining products reliability (Quality Control) and/or for determining why a material failed (Metallographic Failure analysis). Metallurgy is primarily the study of metals, however, many of the principles used for testing metals applies to ceramics, plastics, minerals, computer chips and many other applications which may be more unique such as measuring the age of the fish population in a lake by statistically analyzing the thickness of the ear bone.

Metallographic testing and Material Science failure analysis and quality control testing are used in industries that require produce reliability such as:


Metallurgical Testing Industries using Metallographic Analysis


Industries Metallographic Applications
Advanced Materials 
Ceramic Matrix Composites
Metal Matrix Composites
Polymer Matrix Composites
Biomedical Devices
Medical Implants
Materials Science Education
Metallurgical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Solder Joint analysis
Integrated IC chip failure analysis
Printed Circuit board quality control 
Printed Circuit board failure analysis
Dielectric layer coating analysis 
Heat Treating
Metal Fabrication 
Thermal Spray
Powder Metallurgy
Deep Drawing
Fastener Testing
Mining Metallurgical Testing Labs
Grain Size Analysis
ASTM E112 
ASTM A276 
Phase Analysis 
ASTM E566 
ASTM E1245 
ASTM E454 
ASTM E1245
Graphite Nodularity 
ASTM A247 
Coating Thickness 
ASTM B487 
ASTM E1077 
Welding Analysis
HAZ Sensitization
Twin Boundaries
Carburizing thickness
Nitriding thickness
Intergranular fracture
Weld sensitization
Flow line stress
Microhardness testing
Rockwell hardness testing
Superficial hardness testing