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XT H 225 for Dental Implants Application

Application: Life Science

CT of Dental Implants and Prostheses

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The demand for dental implants has increased due to new advanced manufacturing technology and our aging society. For these dental components the patient’s maximum
comfort and long-life operation is crucial. Computed Tomography (CT) provides a detailed 3D image that enables to verify the correct positioning and orientation of dentures on prostheses, or structural integrity of assembled implants.

Customer challenges
• Dimensional profile measurements of complex shapes
• Verification of structural integrity
• Avoid destructive testing of expensive and unique implants and prostheses
• Reduce lengthy traditional measurement processes
• Perform automated measurements for a high volume of production
Nikon Metrology’s solutions

XT H / MCT systems featuring microfocus sources
• High performance image acquisition and volume processing
• Easy system operation and low cost-of-ownership
• Straightforward inspection automation
• Metrology CT with absolute accuracy measurement
• Proprietary 225kV micro focus X-ray source with 3μm focal spot size
• Stunning images providing maximum insight