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Automated Polishing Heads

Brand: Pace Technologies

For polishing metallographic semi-automated polishing of individual specimens.

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Individual FEMTO 1100 Automated Grinder/Polishers (with variable speed control)
FEMTO 1100 automatic polishing head for use with the NANO 1000T or NANO 2000T polishing machine. The FEMTO 1100 is a variable speed (0-200 rpm), pneumatically adjustable individual piston polishing head for polishing 1 to 6 specimens independent of each other (note with independent pistons, initial grinding can be done with finer abrasives thus reducing the number of grinding steps). Other benefits include easy to use controls, quick-locking swing mounted design, communication capability with the NANO 1000T and NANO 2000T polishing bases. Mounts onto stainless steel mounting column. The FEMTO 1100 automated polishing head has a built-in transformer so it can be operated at either 110V or 220V.