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CT 350


Non-contact profilometer with a 350 x 350 XY scanning area

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  • -Fast and accurate magnetic linear motors
  • -Measurement speed 4kHz
  • -350 mm travel in x- and y-direction, lateral resolution 0.05 µm, optional motorized z-axis
  • -Optimized for multi sensor systems (e.g. Chromatic Confocal, IR, White Light Inteferemetry, CFM, ETC)
  • -Keep full 300mm coverage for all attached sensors
  • -3 Linear Motors (2 x X-Axis , 1 x Y-Axis)
  • -SEMI S2/S8 Certification
  • -On-axis camera or high resolution off-axis camera
  • -Can be combined with any loader/unloader that supports SMEMA and SECS/GEM
  • -Sophisticated analysis and automation software

Chromatic Confocal Line Sensor 

-High Speed Confocal Line Sensor

-384,000 data points / sec.

-768,000 data points / sec. Optional

-192 spots per line

-Z-resolution down to 20 nm

-High numeric aperture models

-Maintenance free

-Interlaced scanning (variable lateral resolution)