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Mostrak 2

Brand: Muegge

The Fastest Power Discrete Semiconductor Testers in the World

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The new M2 test system has multiple test generators which cover static and dynamic test procedures. It is our first truly modular tester which allows for the system to be upgraded and expanded when needed. M2 are designed to get the tester as close as possible to the handler interface and operator at the highest possible speeds. To find out more about this new product, please contact us.


M2 power discrete tester

The M2 test system is our fastest and most powerful test system. The M2 has been specifically designed to provide the most compact footprint to allow test resources to get as close as possible to the test site. Its solid construction and use of robust polarised interlocks means the M2 is easily installed and maintained. M2 is capable of HV (3 kV) and LV (600A) testing and has dynamic switching capabilities up to 1200V.

The M2 control card uses a fully programmable gate array "FPGA" to control the test hardware allowing flexibility in firmware changes and upgrades to keep pace with the changing test environment.

The M2 system is built on the success first generation Mostrak system. It uses a similar software environment for operator ease-of-use which gives backward compatibility with existing test systems. The M2 generators can be added to existing Mostrak test generators to improve the test speed and UPH of older test systems. Legacy test programs can also run on the new M2 system. This protects the investment in existing test equipment.

M2 with person

M2 is modular

M2 is modular


M2’s modular design uses individual cards that can be interchanged into any test enclosure. This allows test resources to be upgraded with new test cards, or functionality quickly changed in higher mix production environments. Automatic board detection and ID means the test generator knows exactly what assets it has available.

For companies that are looking to future proof their testing needs, the M2 can be expanded by adding current booster cards (200A) or upgrading a HV generator to a HV/LV generator at any time. This is designed to suit production environments where new devices with higher current requirements may be introduced over time.

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Maintain uptime

M2 swap out


The M2 systems come as standard with built-in self-check and auto-calibration. Uptime is also maximised by having the ability to replace faulty resources instantly. Clip and release board swap out is possible for all test heads and they can be changed in minutes.

M2 Features and Benefits

  • Improved productivity - faster testing compared to older generation testers

  • Measure the forcing condition as standard -recalled to the datalog files

  • Over-range measure capability

  • Use waveforms for rapid program development

  • Digital servo control for optimising test time and stability

  • Improved testing accuracy

  • Board ID - the tester knows what hardware is fitted to prevent inappropriate tests being performed.

  • Robust and polarised connectors for maximum safety and reliability.