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MVT30 Mounting Verification Tool

Brand: PVA TePla SPA

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• OCR/BC comparison (wafer/frame)
• Mounting verification on frame
   - wafer centricity
   - wafer rotation
   - wafer dimensions
• Optional wafermapping functions
   - wafermap creation
   - controlmap creation

-Designed for cleanroom class ISO 5 (100) or lower
-Automatic frame handling (plastic/metal)
-Two frame sizes (6“ 8“ wafers or 8“ 12“ wafers)
-Customer specific wafer cassette ports
-OCR reader for wafer top
-BC reader for frame top
-Inspection camera with telecentric lens
-Gantry XY axis system

OCR/BC correlation
-Reading of OCR wafer code on diced/bare wafer 0-365°
-Reading of BC frame code on frame/bluetape 0-365°
-Correlation match between OCR and BC string

Mounting verification
-Wafer position centricity [mm] in relation to frame center
-Wafer rotation [°] in relation to frame flat
-Wafer size [mm] in X and Y direction

Wafermapping function (Option)
-Chip size measurement
-Control map creation
-Inked wafer inspection with map file creation

Motorized XY table
-Repetition accuracy: < 1 μm
-Accuracy: 1 μm (Resolution 0,05 μm)
-Orthogonality: < 2 arc sec
-Max. movement speed: 240 mm/s, with 4 mm spindle pitch