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SPA Inker

Brand: PVA TePla SPA

Fast Physical Inking of Wafers with 100% Ink Dot Quality Control

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100 % Quality assurance of inking process
– comparison with stored wafer maps from host
– detection of uninked dies
– detection of small/large dots
– detection of shifted ink pattern (first die verification)
– Standalone for 6 and 8 inch including handling system
– Frame handling/inking version available for 6” and 8”
– inspection of good dies for ink splashes

Integration in your workflow
– attachable to various host systems including SECS/GEM
– High throughput
– Rework capability of detected faulty ink dots
– rewriting of wafer maps after inspection and inking detected defects

Capability of wafer image archiving
– Full Wafer image can be stored as JPG image for traceability

Small die Option (200μm)
– High speed with parallel Inking (up to 10 Dots/sec with 2* Xandex H2)
– equipped with High Power Microscopes