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XT H 225

Brand: Nikon Xray

XT H 225 for all-purpose X-ray and CT inspection

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The entry-level XT H 160 and the versatile XT H 225 systems offer a microfocus X-ray source, a large inspection volume, high image resolution and is ready for ultrafast CT reconstruction. They cover a wide range of applications, including the inspection of plastic parts, small castings and complex mechanisms as well as researching materials and natural specimens.


  • Proprietary 225 kV microfocus X-ray source with 3 µm focal spot size
  • Easy system operation and low cost-of-ownership
  • Stunning images providing great insight
  • High performance image acquisition and volume processing
  • Straightforward inspection automation
  • Safety first


  • Fault detection and failure analysis
  • Assembly inspection of complex mechanisms
  • Dimensional measurement of internal components
  • Part-to-CAD comparison

Stunning images from internal structures

A small spot size and a high-resolution flat panel create sharp images.  Adapt resolution to your needs: full part in coarse resolution and high resolution in a desired region of interest.

nikon metrology xray ct computed tomography XTH225ST materials

  • Advanced material research
  • Analysis of the biological structures
  • Digital archiving of models

Superior accuracy and performance through proprietary 225 kV microfocus X-ray source

The default microfocus source is equipped with a reflection target, offering a 3 micron spot size. With the optional transmission target, you obtain an even smaller spot size and higher magnification capability. Regardless of the target of choice, the XT H 225 system uses an open-tube X-ray source that guarantees a lower cost-of-ownership