Product Brands

High Resolution 3D Surface Non-Contact Measurement Systems

Microwave Plasma Decapsulation System

Reliable High Speed Test Handlers since 2011

High End 3D CT X-Ray

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Analytical Systems

Full solution of Metallography, Metallurgical Testing, Microstructural Analysis

Electron Microscope Supplies

Wafer Inspection Systems

Nikon XTV160 Xray

Reflow Simulator for Observation and Measurement

eviXscan 3D is a brand of high quality scanners based on structured light technology

Captura Easy-to-use and cost-effective optical coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

  • Brand
  • eviXscan 3D

OptimaPlus M

Optimal Solution for the 3D Scanning with Scanning Accuracy up to 0.009mm

  • Brand
  • eviXscan 3D


Very High Versatility of Applications Scanning Accuracy up to 0.007mm

  • Brand
  • eviXscan 3D


Precise 3D scanning small sized objects with accuracy up to 0.006mm

  • Brand
  • eviXscan 3D

Attblime 3D Scanning Spray

High Performance 3D Scanning Spray