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High Resolution 3D Surface Non-Contact Measurement Systems

The Fastest Power Discrete Semiconductor Testers in the World

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Analytical Systems

Full solution of Metallography, Metallurgical Testing, Microstructural Analysis

Electron Microscope Supplies

Wafer Inspection Systems

Nikon XTV160 Xray

Reflow Simulator for Observation and Measurement

Preciese 3D Scanners in Harsh Environment with up to 0.013mm accuracy

Captura Easy-to-use and cost-effective optical coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

Desktop Scanning Electron Microscopes and EDS Systems

  • Brand
  • PVA TePla SAM

SAM 301 HD2

Most popular customer choice for high performance failure analysis in both production and R&D environments

  • Brand
  • PVA TePla SAM


SAM system that utilizes arrays of two transducers to acquire simultaneous acoustic images

  • Brand
  • PVA TePla SAM

SAM Auto Tray

Production Auto Tray SAM System with Tray Loader for In-Line SAM